Electronic Security & Investigation

At Patriot Shield Investigations, our team is made up of retired law enforcement agents who use their experience, expertise, and knowledge to provide individuals, businesses, and law firms throughout Arizona with expert electronic security and investigation services. Whether you are in need of GPS tracker detection, computer forensics, or hidden camera and bug detection, we have you covered.

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Computer Forensics

In many cases, attorneys need to obtain evidence from a computer or electronic device in order to prove their case. This is where our computer forensics services come in. We also use the latest software and hardware tools to detect hidden spyware, bots, apps, or other maliciously placed programs on computers, cell phones, and other devices.

Hidden Camera & Bug Detection

Do you think someone might be spying on you? We can help put your mind at ease with our hidden camera and bug detection services. We use special equipment to scan for hidden cameras and listening devices. If we find anything, we will remove it and help you secure your home or office.

GPS Tracker Detection

Do you suspect your activities are being monitored by someone using a hidden tracking device? PSI uses specialized detection equipment to locate and remove GPS trackers from vehicles.

Patriot Shield Investigations – Always on Your Side

If you are in need of any of these electronic investigations or detection services, please contact us today. We would be happy to discuss your case with you, and determine how we can help, from forensic accounting and financial assets to real and hard asset identification.

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