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Having the expertise and knowledge of a retired law enforcement investigator on your side is crucial, whether you’re interested in protecting yourself or your assets. Patriot Shield Investigations’ private investigators in Arizona can discreetly and effectively perform any surveillance or research you need to feel more confident in your business transactions and interpersonal relationships.

Our team of surveillance investigators has decades of combined law enforcement and private investigation experience and serves as a complete one-stop-shop for anyone looking for answers. Whether you've already received help from the Arizona police and need a little more, or don’t want to involve the police, trust the Patriot Shield private investigators to gather the intel you need. Don’t wait — stay informed with us.



How Our Surveillance Investigators Can Help

Patriot Shield’s private investigators in Arizona are well-equipped to handle a variety of situations to help our clients stay informed and stay safe. All our surveillance investigators have experience in law enforcement and can bring that knowledge to each case. Clients of ours who are individuals may require our services to gather information on what goes on when they’re not looking, or to know whoever they’re working with or inviting into their homes isn’t dangerous. To achieve this, our surveillance investigators quietly gather evidence while remaining undetected through state-of-the-art equipment and techniques.

Families involved in cold cases — such as unsolved murders, long-term missing persons, unidentified persons, or unknown cause of death cases — can also benefit from the services of our returned homicide detective private investigators. On the other hand, businesses getting ready for upcoming lawsuits or court cases can utilize the services of Patriot Shield’s surveillance investigators to gather admissible evidence or to detect possible fraud.


Who Benefits From In-Depth Private Investigator Services

Individuals, families, and businesses alike can benefit from our private investigators in Arizona. If you’re feeling deceived or suspicious and want your significant others or business partners researched, Patriot Shield Investigations can do so discreetly. Our surveillance investigators understand the importance of being comfortable and safe, which is why we help business firms prevent fraud and ensure individuals are meeting up with or employing people who don't have criminal histories. Truthfully, anyone in Arizona can reap the rewards of a private investigator with law enforcement experience.

Why Do People Hire Private Investigators

While you may not be familiar with our Patriot Shield professionals, it’s important to understand that there are several reasons why people hire private investigators. In short, our mission is to help the people and businesses of Arizona receive the important information they need in order to move forward with specific meet-ups, business deals, lawsuits, or cold cases. If you’re wondering if our surveillance investigators can help give you peace of mind, rest assured knowing we can help:

  • Get answers on a person’s whereabouts when they’re away from you

  • Get answers on what a suspected stalker is up to

  • Give individuals, businesses, and family members peace of mind and a sense of security

  • Single individuals ensure the people they meet on dating sites are authentic

  • Gather answers if the police are unable to or have their hands tied

  • Gather information on possible business fraud

  • Discover possible whereabouts of missing persons

  • Gather admissible evidence for court cases

If you have any specific questions on why people hire private investigators and how we can help you, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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