Missing Persons Investigations

If a loved one goes missing it can be an extremely stressful experience, especially if the person is a child missing under suspicious circumstances.

The first thing you should do is report the situation to the police. Police responses will vary from one jurisdiction to another. At a time when radical government leaders are calling for police defunding, police departments find themselves understaffed. That means longer response times, and fewer officers to help search for your loved one.


Beware of private investigators who claim to be the best at locating missing persons, or who make outlandish guarantees, or claims they can’t keep. At Patriot Shield Investigations, our staff of private investigators is almost entirely comprised of retired law enforcement officers, and detectives with experience in missing persons investigations. We can’t guarantee we will locate your loved one, but we can guarantee we will do our absolute best, and leave “no stone unturned” in an attempt to return your them home safely. Patriot Shield Investigations will work hand in hand with the police agency investigating your case to complement their investigation, not to hinder them, or to duplicate their efforts.

If someone in your life has disappeared, don’t wait any longer to contact us for a free consultation.