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At Patriot Shield Investigations, our team of retired law enforcement investigators use their knowledge and expertise to provide businesses and law firms with a number of surveillance and investigations services. From private investigations and pre-employment background investigations to employee malfeasance and surveillance, we are the team to call when you need someone on your side to handle the security and safety of your business.

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Private Investigations

For law firms or businesses dealing with legal matters, it can be necessary to have a private investigator on your side who can collect admissible evidence to help your case. Additionally, businesses often require private investigators for other reasons such as looking for possible business fraud. No matter the reason, when you need an experienced private investigator for your business or law firm, Patriot Shield Investigations is the team for the job.

Pre-Employment Background Investigations

In today's world, it's more important than ever to make sure that the people you're hiring don't have a history of violence or crime. Our pre-employment background investigations will give you peace of mind knowing that the people you're hiring are safe and trustworthy. We can provide you with a comprehensive report of a potential employees' education, employment history, and criminal record to help you make the best decisions for your company.

Employee Malfeasance

If you suspect that one of your employees is stealing from the company, engaging in inappropriate use of resources, falsifying documents, or participating in other forms of malfeasance, the Patriot Shield Investigations team can help. We'll conduct a thorough investigation and gather evidence so that you can take appropriate action. If you fire a problem employee who poses a safety risk to other employees, we will secretly follow the fired employee to make sure they don't return to your business properties.

Surveillance Specialized

If you need to gather evidence of someone's whereabouts or activities, Patriot Shield Investigations is the team to count on. We have the experience and equipment necessary to conduct surveillance without being detected. With our background in law enforcement, our team has the expertise needed to discreetly and effectively gather any type of information your law firm or business might need.

Patriot Shield Investigations – Always on Your Side

If you're in need of surveillance or investigation services, don't hesitate to reach out to Patriot Shield Investigations. We'll be happy to discuss your needs and see how we can help. Our team of former law enforcement agents has the experience, expertise, and knowledge to provide your business or law firm with expert services to help protect your business and your clientele. Contact Patriot Shield Investigations today to get started with a complimentary consultation.

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